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Project name: Onshore / Offshore plant 400, 220, 34 kV for wind power plant connection (Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm)

Investor: DONG Energy (presently Orsted)

Contractor: Pro Integris for DONG Energy

Subcontractor: HELB Ltd for Pro Integris

The year of completion: 2016.

Hoboken Yard (Antwerpen, Belgium) – Platform building
Irish Sea – Delivery

Walney Extension, the giant project of Danish Ørsted, is the largest wind power plant in the world with a total capacity of 660 MW. The wind power plant includes 90 Siemens and Vestas turbines with installed power of 7 MW and 8 MW and the height which ranges from 190 to 222 meters. They cover the Ireland Sea area of 145 km2. It is the equivalent of 20,000 football fields, and enough energy is produced to supply nearly 600,000 households annually with the creation of 250 new job positions. HELB’s hardworking team of engineers played an important role in this great project, testing the offshore substation of wind power plant.

An important part of an exceptional project

By testing the different parts of the plant, the integration of all systems into one functional system was performed. The activities included, among other, testing of switchgear, protection panels, metering and current transformers on 220 kV and interfaces between control and protection cabinets. HELB is proud enabling electricity supply for next generations, and this project is the proof that we pay great attention to ecology, especially in the light of the fact that Walney is huge investment in renewable energy sources.

Revolution of Renewable Energy Sources

Platforms holding substations of the wind power plant were primarily produced in Antwerp, Belgium (Hoboken Yard). After the testing they were shipped by the raft to the Irish sea. This giant project of record capacity has been completed within the planned deadline and budget in June 2018. HELB’s engagement on the wind power plant, which is the true revolution of renewable energy sources, lasted seven months.

Damir Poljak, B.Sc. Managing Director, Pro Integris d.o.o.

“In the period from 2016 to 2019, we co-operated with HELB on four major projects for offshore wind farms: from works at the shipyard (Belgium, Denmark), to works on onshore substations and offshore platforms (UK, North and Irish Seas). Colleagues from HELB made great team with engineers from other companies involved in projects. They demonstrated expertise, diligence, and great dedication to fulfilling the goals as well as resourcefulness when needed. We would especially emphasize the flexibility and adaptability of both field engineers and business leaders. In HELB, we have found a reliable and quality partner for cooperation not only on construction jobs on wind farms but also with other power energy projects.”

August 26, 2019

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