• References

Year: 2020. Client: PRO INTEGRIS LTD. Location: Gana

Project name: Cabinets for Ghana and DR Congo Project description:

Production of the control and protection cabinets More

Year: 2020. Client: PAUL WURTH S.A. Location: Germany

Project name: Green Industrial Hydrogen Project description:

Design of a programmable logic controller and a distribution cabinet, production and testing More

Year: 2020. Client: ING-GRAD LTD. Location: Croatia

Project name: Wind farm Korlat Project description:

Electrical installation works, testing and commissioning More

Year: 2019. Client: Several companies Location: Montenegro

Project name: Maintenance of wind farms Project description:

Maintenance of several wind farms throughout Croatia and the region More

Year: 2019. Client: Schalttechnik Nord GmbH. Location: Germany

Project name: Schalttechnik – Kraftwerk Zolling Thermal Power Plant Project description:

From production and assembly of MCC to testing and commissioning More

Year: 2019. Client: HRT – Croatian Radio and Television Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Project name: Reconstruction of redundant UPS power supply, master video and tone Project description:

Reconstruction of electrical installations of the redundant UPS power supply of the Master in the Home (Main building) More