Building and equipping of SME’s manufacturing facilities

HELB started the construction of a new business-production hall in the Božjakovina Economic Zone in 2014. The project “Construction of a production hall for the production of electrical equipment” is co-financed by the funds of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund, Operational Program Regional Competitiveness 2007-2013, “Increasing the economic activity and competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises”.

Otherwise, the project, which lasted almost two years, included the education and certification of engineers by established power equipment manufacturers, going to international fairs for the first time and hiring of new employees. In any case, preconditions for more competitive production of power equipment were created and the foundations of a new product development cycle were laid.

This is a much larger business-production facility than the previous one, with a total surface area of ​​2,430 m2 of office-production space and 3,230 m2 of driveway and parking, which significantly increased HELB’s production capacity. Energy efficient materials were used for the construction of the facility, and the optimal technical solutions for heating, cooling, lighting and generating electricity from RES significantly reduce energy consumption. That way, more than 50% of energy needs are met from our own production, and we’ve achieved partial energy independence.


Project name: Construction of a production hall for the production of electrical equipment

Project purpose: Increasing of manufacturing capacity and introduction of new technologies to production and commissioning of power plants with the goal of exports increase

Username: HELB Ltd

Total project amount: 16.034.174,33 kn

Total amount of support granted: 5.867.263,09 kn

Project duration: 01.04.2014. – 8.12.2015.

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