Public announcement 2

Project name: „Improvement of HELB’s ICT infrastructure“

Contact person: Juraj Badalić, ing.inf.tehn.

Tel: +385 12781440, GSM: +385 (99) 6094 351


Additional source of information/documentation:

Deadline for submission of tenders: 20.11.2019.


Short description of the subject of procurement:

The client procures the following ICT equipment:

1) Graphic station with connected equipment (1 pcs)

2) Laptop with connected equipment (4 pcs)

3) Desktop computer with connected equipment (2 pcs)

4) Desktop computer for monitoring and controlling remote power facilities with connected equipment (1pcs)

5) Plotter (1pcs)

6) Multifunction device with connected equipment (1pcs)

The subject of procurement is not divided into groups. The Bidder must submit only one bid for the entire subject of procurement.


Documents attached:

Download documents


Decision on the selection of the offer:

Odluka o izboru ponude (N04 – Nabava računala, plotera i multifunkcijskog uređaja)